About us

Management One delivers data-driven planning via passionate retail experts. We help business owners all over the world reach new levels of success.


Our credos

Our mission is to improve the financial security of those who work with us, by improving their businesses.

We work diligently to provide quality products, processes, training, and support to turn as many of our clients' goals and aspirations into realities as possible. We customize our solutions for each client, providing timely and valuable guidance that leads to successful results. We always go the extra mile to provide excellent service.

We operate person to person, with respect and trust.

We place integrity, honesty and openness at the foundation of our interactions with clients and partner retail experts alike. We develop our policies and practices based on what is best for them. We give before we get. We believe in being accessible and approachable for any discussions—professional, personal, and technical. We seek retail experts who share our values, and they seek us for the same reasons.

We are structured to function like a small company, regardless of our growth.

Every one of our clients owns their own business, and the same is true for our affiliated retail experts. Our success is not defined by corporate politics and quarterly profits, but by the success of our clients and partners. The long-term benefits of this focus are clear: when clients and affiliated experts are staunch supporters of our business and technology, our business grows through person-to-person referrals.  

We concentrate on continuous improvement, and strive to be the best at what we do.

As times change, we must change. We are always open to comments, constructive criticism, and suggestions, and we evaluate all feedback honestly, with a mind toward making changes that are in the best interests of all involved. 


"Onwards and upwards"

Our motto describes our philosophy of collaborative exploration and success. We believe that our clients, our retail experts, and our employees thrive when we all seek to learn, grow, and evolve together.

This culture of sharing is at the heart of our philosophy, and has been for 28 years.


Our core team


We know your niche

We know retail, across a wide spectrum of verticals and categories. Management One consults and provides planning for many different types of businesses.

Our portfolio includes:

Women’s fashion
Luxury, advanced contemporary, contemporary, traditional and fast fashion

Men’s fashion
Luxury, contemporary, formalwear, urban and traditional

Apparel, toys, footwear

Family, running, performance, women’s and men’s Luxury to contemporary

Recreational, cycling, ski and snow boarding, surf and skate

Seasonal stores
Major resort locations in the Western Hemisphere

Licensed stores
Major brands that are mono brand stores

From books and luggage to treats

Home furnishings
Everything for the home from tabletop and serveware to wall art and galleries.

Nutritional, new age & spa

Kitchen & cooking
Gourmet food, candy

Adult stores

Gardening and nurseries



Pet stores

Quilt & needlepoint

Museums & attractions

Verticals and major brands