The Next Decade of Retail Starts Here

September 22-26, 2019

Ventana Canyon

Join the largest Management One Affiliate Meeting to date!

This is sure to be an amazing event with unprecedented takeaways!


Enjoy the amenities of the world class Ventana Canyon Resort with two spectacular golf courses, tennis, swimming, hiking trails and a relaxing spa. Ventana Canyon is nestled in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains.
Our special rates are extended if you wish to lengthen your stay before or after the meeting.

Featured Events / Topics

The main theme of this year’s meeting revolves around the evolving focus and vision of Management One as we approach 2020. We’re excited to announce a monumental positive shift in our business as we’ve been hard at work laying the foundation for the strongest M1 team to date!

We’ve packed a wealth of information, team networking, social engagement, recognition and fun into just a few short days… here are the highlights:


Richard Furash

Retired Director of Retail for Deloitte Touche. Richard helped build a multi-billion dollar consulting giant. Richard will be speaking on what it takes to be a great consultant.

Susan Dyer

Our EOS Traction implementer. Susan has been a strategic coach after a successful career as a strategist for major corporations. Susan will be speaking on the importance of Focus.


The difference between Iterative and Innovative

This is a major theme for retailers as they plan their futures. Interact with our select panel of professionals as they wrestle with important topics like:

  • What is the balance between continuous improvement and real change?

  • What is the difference and what is the real impact on growth?


The cornerstone of our meeting…

The purpose of this process is to best serve the client from DAY ONE. We’ll take a Deep Dive into the best practices of selling and delivering planning with a clear focus on the client including complete touch points from beginning to end.

As we grow the business and expand our client base, it is more important than ever to ensure that our message is delivered in a cohesive, transparent manner from all touch points (internal and external).

Make the most of your time in Tucson!

Schedule time on Monday, September 23rd to meet with key members of our team one on one.

  • Get feedback on your issues and get your questions answered.

  • Schedule appointments with Rich Rose to cover financial info and financing options.

  • Spend time with vetted sponsors to learn about products, services and different POS solutions and options.


Sharpen your pencil and grow your skill set!

From Marc’s keynote address all the way through our closing ceremony, we’re offering a wide array of learning opportunities across the entire M1 spectrum.

We’ll get you up to speed on our new Management One Process along with key discussions on sales, marketing, planning and upcoming tech rollouts for Retail Orbit.

How do I get to Ventana Canyon?

7000 N. Resort Drive, Tucson, Arizona, 85750

Located about 20 miles away, just north of the Tucson International Airport, Ventana Canyon is easily accessible upon landing.

Transportation Options (from the airport):

Interested in sharing a ride to/from the airport with a fellow attendee?

What do I do once I arrive?


Pick up your name badge and tutorial information USB drive at the registration table Sunday 5:00pm at the Welcome Reception.


Familiarize yourself with the hotel layout, so you’ll know where to find each event throughout the week.


Attend the Welcome Reception & Cocktail Party (open to all attendees)

September 22nd at 5pm

Cascade Terrace

Have Some Fun!

Enjoy more time for social engagement with your peers to explore opportunities together and share experiences. We have planned some fun events and, of course, our awards ceremony.


Are You Ready?

On Sunday at the Welcome Reception, we’re starting things off with a bang! Join Kevin Vanderwerf and Tim Hilzendeger of KT Klassics featuring classic rock favorites. Enjoy solid hits from the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Eagles, CCR, Neil Diamond, Billy Joel and many more!


Let’s Jam!

The Wednesday closing event will include the Rock N’ Roll / Blues / Country band, Jamie’s Gang playing 3 sets.


A True Milestone Event!

Tom has been an affiliate, planner, and employee of Management One™ for 25+1 years. Help us celebrate with Tom and share in honoring his service to help build Management One™ .



If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, please let us know in advance.
Send an email to Fred Pylman.



Boutique Hub

The Central Connection Point for the World's Boutique Retail Industry


1) That all women deserve to feel beautiful no matter their income, style, size, location or fashion knowledge; and there is no better place than a boutique to help her achieve that.

2) That small business owners in the boutique industry deserve a voice, and a community to call home that allows them to connect, collaborate, learn, grow and tell their story! We live each day to serve those two sides of the boutique industry. To help consumers find their favorite boutiques around the world, and to help boutique owners, small brands, designers, service providers and fashion influencers come together to connect, collaborate, learn & grow. Or in formal terms, The Boutique Hub is a multi-faceted digital media community, spreading the love of boutique fashion while connecting the industry behind it.



Budgyt has been helping companies build better budgets since 2013. The brainchild of Founder James McCoy, who was inspired to build Budgyt while serving as CFO at a 25 store specialty retailer, has from the outset been a software solution to relieve the stresses of budgeting in Excel. Our focus on providing a professional yet simple and easy to use platform for multiple department businesses has helped CFOs, controllers, marketing managers and more from a broad spectrum of industries, to streamline their budget planning. We believe in providing our customers with the highest level of service. With unlimited training and support included in all plans, we are always on hand to help our users get the best from our software. If you have a suggestion for how we can improve, let us know and we’ll try to incorporate your ideas in our platform. If your business changes, tell us your new requirements and we’ll work with you to find the ideal solution.

Want to learn more about Budgyt?

Catch their presentation in the Catalina Ballroom at 11:30am on 9/23 or CLICK HERE to schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with James McCoy.



Celerant is a leading provider of innovative end-to-end retail commerce software that maximizes business growth and efficiency for startup to enterprise businesses. We supplement the power and simplicity of our retail commerce software for in-store cloud-based POS systems and eCommerce with an experienced team, online marketing services, industry-specific functionalities and features, and flexible pricing models to enable retailers to focus on their business, not their software.

Want to learn more about Celerant?

Catch their presentation in the Catalina Ballroom at 10:30am on 9/23 or CLICK HERE to schedule a 1-on-1 meeting..


Learn more at

Crystal Media

Launched in 2012 Crystal Media is THE resource for brick and mortar retailers who want to drive traffic to their stores using social media and digital marketing tools. Crystal Media training programs teach retailers where to start to support their business goals, what to post to get maximum exposure and engagement, how to get in front of digital consumers, how to track social media success and much more. Beyond speaking at conferences across the world, Crystal Media also supports brick and mortar retailers through:

  • Online training courses

  • Crystal Media Insider Community

  • In-Person Workshops

  • Facebook and Instagram Ad Management

  • Local Listing Management

Want to learn more about Crystal Media?

Catch their presentation in the Catalina Ballroom at 9:00am on 9/23 or CLICK HERE to schedule a 1-on-1 meeting.


Danielle Bianca Buying Services

DB Buying Services closely follows the ever-changing fashion trends to ensure your stores have the right merchandise and assortment to meet your needs. Our goal is to help you maximize your everyday customers and turn them into long-term clients. The DB team will optimize your budget enabling you to keep adequate inventory on hand, as well as maintain a fresh flow of new merchandise throughout the seasons. Orders can be scheduled as often as needed to meet your preferences. We specialize in shopping the San Pedro Mart, as well as the New Mart, Cooper Building and the California Market Center. By shopping these different markets we are able to provide merchandise at numerous wholesale price points. We take a lot of pride in the products we select & the boutiques we represent.

Want to learn more about DB Buying Services?

Catch their presentation in the Catalina Ballroom at 10:00am on 9/23.

eML_logo_Full (1).png

eMarketing Logic

eMarketing Logic is a digital agency fusing modern technology with exceptional design to offer companies a way to expand their marketing department without the need to hire employees or allocate extensive resources.

eMarketing Logic was founded by a former Management One affiliate with a passion for helping high performing retailers drive sales through exceptional online marketing and branding.

Want to learn more about eMarketing Logic?

Catch their presentation in the Catalina Ballroom at 3:30pm on 9/23 or email Jacob Fell to setup a 1-on-1 meeting.



Payroc is the only credit card processor that has developed special pricing and unique strategies to meet its clients diverse and specialized processing needs. We provide transparent, precise and understandable pricing methods that are available for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Payroc prioritizes developing personal relationships, while delivering exceptional integrated payment technology. We give you the freedom and the flexibility to make the right choices for your business. Our commitment is to help your business grow and save money on your 5th largest business expense. Payroc is the only processor fully endorsed by Management One as a trusted resource for your credit card processing needs.

Want to learn more about Payroc?

Catch their presentation in the Catalina Ballroom at 2:30pm on 9/23 or CLICK HERE to schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with Annette Cristerna.


Give your clients an easy to use, accurate, inventory system at an affordable price.

Retail Edge

You have enough on your plate running your business’ day-to-day operations. Getting your point-of-sale (POS) system up and running shouldn’t add more to it. So we designed RetailEdge POS to be so easy to use and setup that you should be able to start ringing up sales in less than an hour.

RetailEdge is able to function as an all-in-one system to manage your retail environment with many options and features to match your retail business’ needs and help lower your business costs. With RetailEdge POS you have the tools you need to run your business, add and change your business as the market dictates and successfully grow your business from one to multiple stores.

Want to learn more about Retail Edge?

Catch their presentation in the Catalina Ballroom at 2:00pm on 9/23 or CLICK HERE to schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with Bill Breed.


RICS Software

RICS Software is a POS and Inventory Control platform for footwear, apparel, and accessory retailers. Single-store, multi-store, and franchises. RICS provides easy to implement, learn, and use Point Of Sale, Inventory Management, and Reporting tools, as well as full-service on-boarding and live support 7 days a week. Using the RICS solution empowers retailers to make smarter buying, inventory, and selling decisions. RICS also helps retailers save time, spend less, and sell more. RICS integrates with other systems to enable retailers to grow their businesses, such as e-Commerce, accounting, open-to-buy, and product catalog data (SKU's, images, UPC's, descriptions, etc.). Additionally, RICS offers a mobile POS that works on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows devices for use off-site, and anywhere in-store.

Want to learn more about RICS Software?

Catch their presentation in the Catalina Ballroom at 11:00am on 9/23 or CLICK HERE to schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with a RICS representative.


Runit Systems

Since 1992, Runit Systems has worked hand-in-hand with apparel, footwear and sports retailers, first in New York city, and ultimately around the world, to develop and deliver the industry's fastest, most comprehensive and flexible POS & Inventory Management system. Through many evolutions and more than two decades of learning from our merchant users, we continue to deliver a fully integrated retail management and multi-channel system that is as comfortable with one hundred stores as with three, and with any combination of physical and virtual locations. What's more, Runit's RealTime Cloud POS gives you access to the latest advances in technology on a commitment-free, subscription basis, so you don't have to choose between managing your business and making your budget.

Want to learn more about Runit Systems?

Catch their presentation in the Catalina Ballroom at 9:30am on 9/23 or CLICK HERE to schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with CEO, Daniel Solomons.


The new standard in point of sale and retail management software

Springboard Retail

Retail is changing, but retailers who meet the challenge are thriving.

Springboard Retail point of sale and retail management software was designed specifically for retail, empowering brands and retailers to harness their data and sell more, profitably. There are countless ways to create exceptional customer experiences, especially when you deeply understand your retail business. Harnessing your POS data gives you that edge. Grow confidently with a powerful omnichannel retail management platform that is easy-to-use and built for the future of retail. Get actionable real-time data, accessible anytime, anywhere.

And, gain a partner you can trust.

Want to learn more about Springboard Retail?

Catch their presentation in the Catalina Ballroom at 1:30pm on 9/23.

Helping Retailers Thrive


SQQUID is an omnichannel retail automation solution that helps retailers manage their online sales, merchandise better online and automate order flow and fulfillment. With SQQUID, retailers can easily connect their stores to multiple online sales channels and maximize margins through channel-specific merchandising and price differentiations. With fully integrated and automated fulfillment, retailers who use SQQUID can ship orders faster and automatically get the lowest shipping rates from over 100 carriers.

With SQQUID's 100% reliability and accuracy, orders and inventory are always in sync between POS and all online channels. Any spike in orders, no matter how big, is easily accommodated with our serverless cloud architecture.

Want to learn more about SQQUID?

Visit their website at and catch their presentation in the Catalina Ballroom at 3:00pm on 9/23 or CLICK HERE to schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with Ron Peled.

WhizBang Retail Training

WhizBang! Retail Training helps retailers of all sizes run successful retail businesses. Founded in 1999 by retail experts Bob Negen and Susan Negen, we offer products and services designed to fit the needs of brand new retailers as well as seasoned owners and multi-store chains.

Our flagship product, the Retail Mastery System teaches the 11 essential skills required to be a successful store owner. Version 2.0 of the Retail Mastery System was released in July of 2016. In 2015 the company launched the Retail Sales Academy, a 24/7 online sales training platform that teaches store employees how to increase sales by providing exceptional customer service.

Bob Negen, co-founder of WhizBang! Retail Training, is a professional retail speaker, consultant, business coach, and author. Bob motivates and trains independent retailers to improve and grow their businesses with practical, actionable tactics and strategies. He speaks to local independent business owners in their own language using real world retail experience and humorous stories from the trenches.

From quilters and crafters, gift stores, clothing boutiques, to pet supply stores, Bob’s expertise gives measurable results. As a retailer Bob turned a single kite store into an award winning multi-million dollar toy store chain. Now he uses his three decades of retail experience to help store owners and managers learn the necessary business skills they need to succeed in today’s economy.

Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

We look forward to seeing you in Tucson!