The 2015 Annual Management One™ affiliate conference saw the largest attended meeting in our company’s history. Attendees were there to learn, share ideas and network with each other for the benefit of the Management One™ community of retailers. Sixty-three affiliates from the United States, Canada, and Europe shared a common thought that was expressed by many of the attendees, “I wanted to be part of this game-changing moment in retail.” Retail ORBIT™ (One Retail Business Intelligence Technology) is the result of 25 years of field testing and technology. The key to unlocking the potential of Retail ORBIT™ is within the affiliate base. They are the coaches and guides to our retail community. They are the ones tasked to work with our retailers and carry the ball to the end zone, using Retail ORBIT™ to solve problems, identify opportunities, and to grow and manage the business profitably.

“A goal without a method is nonsense.” said Dr. W. Edwards Deming. We built and designed Retail ORBIT™, to create a method to measure the key metrics necessary for our clients to make better decisions about their inventory. These metrics include key dashboard analytics that allow retailers to navigate the timing of deliveries better and to maximize, capture and expand market share. Investing in the right categories to exploit opportunities and generate cash is paramount to our retailer’s success and a key to the logic of Retail ORBIT™.

We feature colorful new reports to enhance optical viewing. New charts and our unique “L” framed dashboard are designed to quickly and easily identify Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), necessary to analyze the business and make decisions.  Included are upgraded reporting with additional trending information to make on demand decisions throughout the month. Retail ORBIT™ runs on multiple platforms that are mobile enhanced and ready to serve our retailers on any of their various smart devices.

Retail ORBIT™ allows a retailer to see information and data that may not have previously been apparent.  What is performing, what is on a growth curve, what is trending down? Retail ORBIT™ generates a detailed plan on what is happening in the future and specifically where your inventory dollars should go.

A detailed plan alleviates uncertainty and allows retailers to sleep at night knowing that their purchasing dollars are being invested into the appropriate products.

There is a high-level summary for those looking for a quick review, and for those individuals that are detail oriented there is sufficient information to drill down to a more granular level.

Different reports allow information to be analyzed from different perspectives. Inventory efficiency and other selected performance indicators are used throughout the reporting venues to allow for decision making at multiple levels.

We are in the process of releasing this over the summer to our client base worldwide. Following the conclusion of phase one, we will launch into phase two which will deliver the next generation of information to benefit our retail community.

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we transition to Retail ORBIT™.

Onwards and Upwards,

Marc Weiss