Exclusive Tradeshow Access

Management One™ has partnered with UBM Fashion, bringing our clients exclusive access to their four marketplaces throughout Las Vegas and New York.  Register for exclusive access to their upcoming shows and check out additional opportunities below.


Uniting the most influential fashion retail decision makers and the world’s top fashion brands, UBM Fashion Group serves the $1 trillion+ global fashion industry through comprehensive marketplaces in New York (NY Men’s and NY Women’s) and Las Vegas (MAGIC). Our events cover all major fashion categories from men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, accessories, and footwear to manufacturing resources and service providers.

Coterie Exclusive Experience

Coming soon in 2018

MAGIC Exclusive Experience

Coming soon in 2018!

More info at ubmfashion.com

UBM Fashion Concierge Program

Want more one on one help? UBM Fashion is here to assist. Connect with one of their retail experts now.

Upcoming Tradeshow Webinars

More details coming soon.