Optimize everything

You’ve gotten this far by knowing your business inside and out. But the higher your volume, the more accurate your inventory planning needs to be. 

Even a 1% difference between what you’ve stocked and what your customers want can mean thousands of dollars of lost profit for a single class of merchandise. Multiply that by all your classes, at all your locations, and you may be leaving serious money on the table.


Pick a plan you can trust

We’re committed to creating the best inventory planning in the world. That's why we took decades of real store data and put it in the hands of developers who are skilled in artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

The result? We see problems and opportunities where others only see noise. Our plans are 94% accurate, when followed correctly, and they’re teaching themselves to be better all the time.

Margo Kopman and Management One literally changed our business overnight. I finally feel like there is a roadmap, and we’re operating with clear answers and strategies. Plus, she makes it a lot of fun! Our calls are the highlight of my week.
— Winnie Beattie, Warm, New York, NY

Hire experts that exceed your expectations

You stock the best merchandise, hire the best people, and work hard for the best results. Don’t lower your standards when it comes to choosing your partners. 

Our passionate, experienced retail experts live to help retailers like you achieve total financial freedom. They provide the informed, objective feedback you need to take your business to the next level.

I’m a 32-year veteran buyer/seller who used plenty of data but always had the feeling open-to-buy plans would restrict me from running my business aggressively. I could not have been more incorrect and narrow minded. Listen to these guys.
— Jay Filling, Filling's Men's & Women's Clothiers, Lancaster, PA

Turn insight into action

With Retail ORBIT®, Management One’s planning and predictive analytics platform, tracking your success and identifying new opportunities is easier than ever.

Real-time POS integration and intuitive visualizations put you high above your business, so you can get a clear view of where you’ve been and, crucially, where you’re going.




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