Management One™ provides inventory planning to retailers around the world, through highly trained Retail Experts. Our mission is to create and sustain financial security for our retail clients.

Our positive culture of sharing and learning provides positive outcomes. We have grown into the premiere inventory planning resource through 28 years of intense attention to our products and our customers, and to our passion for retail.

Data-driven for accurate forecasting. Relationship-driven to encourage actionable interpretation of that data. 

We value each partnership and work to provide you with an impressive breadth of retail services. The result for our customers: High Quality outcomes that maximize growth, cash and profit. Now who doesn’t need – or want – that! 



Our services

Our services define us around the globe. At the center of our orbit is Retail ORBIT®, a secure, internet access, cloud-based hub of critical information.

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High touch

High touch is a significant part of our approach. It is about relationships and being invested, together, in planning for your success.

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High tech

High tech reflects our state-of- the-art Retail ORBIT® software. It speaks to our accurate forecasting, our ongoing logic enhancements, and our giant database incorporating 28 years of specialty retail data.

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Our partners

Our partners are like-minded allies, with shared values and standards. We choose them selectively, to enhance the products and services we offer.

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