Our Philosophy

Our mission is to create financial security for our clients, our Retail Experts and our Core Team that runs Management One™. We also believe in giving our Retail Experts the freedom to build their own businesses. They are positive, talented people who are good problem-solvers and love to learn.

Our motto is “Onwards and Upwards.” We embrace that, as we always seek to learn, grow, evolve and get better. A strong component to our growth and success in the marketplace is the great ideas that Retail Experts and clients continually share. A culture of sharing is at the heart of our philosophy, and has been for 28 years.


Our Credos

We understand that our mission is to improve the financial security of those who work with us, by improving their business.

We work diligently to provide quality products, processes, training and support to turn as many of their goals and aspirations, as possible, into reality. We customize our information and solutions for each client, making them timely and valuable, to bring successful results.  We always go the extra mile to provide excellent service.

We operate person to person, with respect and trust.

We place integrity, honesty and openness at the foundation of our interactions with clients and affiliates alike. We develop our policies and practices based on what is best for them. We give before we get. We believe in being accessible and approachable for any discussions – whether professional, personal or technical matters. We seek affiliates who have our shared values, and they seek us for the same reasons.

We are structured so we can, and will, function like a small company, regardless of our growth.

Every affiliate is independent, owning his or her business.  The importance of that personal attention and responsiveness means that we base success on the success of affiliates and clients, not on corporate politics and quarterly profits.  

We concentrate on continuous improvement, to be the best at what we do.

We realize that, as times change, we must change. We are always open to comments, constructive criticism and suggestions. We evaluate each one honestly, and make changes that are in the best interests of all involved. We want to under promise and over deliver, so everyone we interface with will feel that we have exceeded expectations. Our goal is to make each client and affiliate a staunch supporter and a referral source for our business and our Retail ORBIT® technology, as well as a testimonial to how we successfully live by our Credos…every day. 

Our Core Team

Beyond expert, beyond dedicated, beyond expectations. The passion for retail starts at the top and is evident in all the visionaries on the Management One™ leadership team.