Our Services

Our services define us around the globe. The center of our orbit, Retail ORBIT®, allows us to provide accurate merchandise planning. 


Merchandise Planning

Management One™ provides inventory planning to retailers around the world, through highly trained Retail Experts.

Our mission is to create and sustain financial security for our retail clients. 

Our positive culture of sharing and learning contributes to positive outcomes. We have grown into the premiere inventory planning resource through 28 years of intense attention to our products and our customers, and to our passion for retail.


Professional Services

Professional Services is designed to provide solutions requiring a heightened level of experience. We work together to identify situations that would benefit our affiliates, clients and potential clients. Our most Senior Retail Experts manage this process.

Sometimes, opportunities or problems surface that call for more robust solutions - ones that may exist beyond the normal scope of our services. Professional Services provides a vehicle where Management One™ can better leverage the assets of its vast network of experienced affiliates, and other synergistic partners, to deliver the solutions.

Professional Services is also a platform that presents the opportunity for Management One™, its affiliates, and outside sources to intersect in a productive and profitable way.


Retail Diagnostics

Management One™ utilizes its rich pool of Retail Experts - our affiliates - to provide a deep dive into your retail business. Our Retail Diagnostics program is an important step toward ensuring healthy cash flow, and the profit you deserve. We cover financial review, benchmarking, compensation review, and other touch points of your business, to deliver a thorough, detailed analysis. You’ll get a view into your business, and its key areas of potential, that you have never seen before.



We customize a plan for those retailers who are behind in their payables and other expenses.

If you are having difficulty receiving goods from your vendors, feel the weight and stress of creditors calling daily, and still have a passion for your business, Turnarounds may be your solution.


Traffic and Conversion Services

Every day, people visit your store and leave without buying. Over time, this adds up to tens of thousands of dollars in lost sales. Measuring store traffic and conversion rates in your store can help you capture more of these lost sales – and so much more. To offer you these services, Management One ™ has partnered with HeadCount Corporation, the leading authority on the use and application of traffic and conversion data. Comprehensive services include daily scorecards and trend reporting, coaching and education, plus everything you need from a technology perspective. Understand your stores conversion rate and know exactly when you’re missing opportunities, down to the hour. Schedule your staff, based on your traffic, so that you can minimize under/over-staffing and make the most of the traffic you do get. Know what impact your advertising and promotions are having, and understand what’s happening in your store, even when you’re not there. See the benefits add up.