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Marty has experience that bridges retail savvy, retail technology, and retail creativity.  He feels that, through his work with his retailers, he can deliver a confluence of all of his life’s vast experience…the good, the bad, and the ugly.

As he grew up in a family footwear and clothing business, Marty learned from those around him, and in time, nurtured those stores into cutting edge Meccas for customers in Central Indiana.

He has done shoe and apparel product sourcing for his stores in the U.S., Europe, and Central America, and worked with several European designers and factories on building their collections for the US market.

Marty spent twenty years being extensively involved with an industry-leading inventory management/POS system prior to becoming a Management One® affiliate; thus, he brings a great set of analytical skills to his retail clients.

Marty's passion is to provide a holistic perspective to his retail stores through a consistent and comprehensive approach to retail management. As part of achieving balanced inventories and positive cash management, he focuses on employee productivity, marketing solutions, and consistent customer experience in the stores.

While working with several retail and wholesale trade organizations, Marty publishes articles and presents retail workshops around the country.  His clients say he is a great mentor and teacher, and will add value to any retail business.

His team includes Charlie McQuinn, founder and former owner of RICS Software.