If you are a retailer, and want to be on the top of your game, you MUST have a professional helping you with your Open To Buy Planning. And, in our experience, Management One™ is hands down the best. Their planning software is state of the art, their people are all top shelf and, just as importantly, they truly care about the success of their clients. If you aren’t using M1 yet, you owe it to yourself to give them a call and have a conversation!
— Bob Negen

“We are a small chain of West Coast women’s apparel and accessories. Due to some internal changes, and a more difficult sales environment over the past few years, we decided to utilize the services of Robert Reedy & Associates, who are affiliates of Management One™, for our open-to-buy planning. They came highly recommended and so, for the first time in our 20-year history, we outsourced our OTB planning. Our own OTB system had served us well, but was not up to the laser focus that is needed to successfully navigate the current retail landscape. We began working with them in September 2013.

There are 2 separate stages of responsibility:

First, Management One™ analyzes our orders and sales each month and also sets goals by department, and by store. We end up with very focused planning that takes into account trends - whether they are beginning, continuing or ending.

Secondly, we meet early each month, with Robert Reedy and Allison Boswell, to go over all the Management One™ reports and come up with a buying strategy that is completely up to date and responsive to the current situation. Basically, we go through all our departments and, using the Management One™ analysis, we come up with a strategy for each department - whether we are over bought, under bought, or just right in that department.

Both Robert and Allison are extremely knowledgeable and experienced retailers who know this business cold. Their advice on various matters not directly related to planning has been invaluable to us. We ask them a lot of questions and always get informative and practical answers.

 The results speak for themselves:

The bottom line needed to justify hiring them is an increase in margin. Our 2013 margin percentage was in its usual range. We hired them in late 2013. Our 2014 margin went up over 2%. Then in 2015, the Management One™ process really came into its own since they had a full year of history with us in their database. 2015 saw an increase in margin of an additional 3%. Our margin dollars for 2015 increased even though our top-line sales dropped.  It is our opinion that our consulting fee is around one seventh of the increase in margin dollars. You always hope that a consultant will save you more than their fee and, in this case, that is very true.

 We recommend Management One™ and Robert and Allison’s services. During the current difficult sales environment, getting and acting upon their advice should make a huge difference to anyone’s retail business.”

 - Kieran & Donna O’Leary, Ambiance, San Francisco

When we began working with Martin Bebout, we immediately knew we hadn't just hired a consultant, we had gained a partner in our business. He delivers fresh ideas and strategies every time we meet, demonstrating that our business is often on his mind. Martin provides an outstanding value as a consultant through his retail expertise, thoughtful insights and passion for seeing our business win. We have been in business for over 40 years and we saw significant growth in sales and profit within the first year of working with Martin, regularly setting new records for our business.  

- Mercantile Portland

I just wanted to pass on to you, who might be able to pass on to the right person, how absolutely wonderful Shawn Dillon has been since working with EasyOTB and now that he is with Management One.  During such stressful few months at the store with the POS change, and Bob’s passing, it’s really nice to be able to count on someone when I needed the help.  And someone who has gone above and beyond to get the job done! This has always been something you have shown, along with Management One over the years, and I/we are very thankful.  I know at times support staff gets looked over because they are simply just doing their jobs, but I have been depending on a lot of people recently, and he has helped tremendously. 

So I wanted to pass this on in case there was a boss that might want to hear how wonderful a member of his/her team is doing.  Happy Friday!

And of course, Jay, your support and guidance goes without saying.  Always grateful.

 Thanks for everything!!!

- Martine Lyon, Claymore Shop, Birmingham, MI

"We implemented the Management One™ simple framework of buying by class (instead of by supplier) immediately. After a couple of months of monitoring stock levels and sales by classes, such as “jeans”, “knits”, “flat shoes,” it was easy to see where we were holding too much product and, also, where we were exceeding sales and had insufficient stock. We have applied this now to our buying for the last 3 seasons and have improved our sell-through percentage considerably.

The figures produced by Management One™ on a monthly basis are very comprehensive, but the most important elements for me are the consultant's written reports and regular meetings. He analyzes the figures and gives usable feedback which can be acted upon instantly.

Within a year, we have reduced our stock holding by over 40%; we have reduced our forward spends by 30% and we have maintained and exceeded our previous year’s sales, despite closing one of our 3 shops."

- Laura Woodham, Director, Therapy

"Working with Renee (Rimini Consulting, LLC) has improved my knowledge of my business. Renee has helped my business grow financially, and in the day to day operations. She is informative, thorough, and I feel she truly cares for my business's success."

- Kristina Calder, Uniform Kingdom, LLC

“I wish we would have had Retail Smart Guys when we started our business. We made some expensive mistakes that they would have helped us avoid. With the help of Retail Smart Guys, we’re on the right track now but if we had been working with them sooner, I can only imagine where our business would be right now. The other added bonus is that retail Smart Guys does so much more than just help with open to buy. We benefit from their wealth of retail contacts for products and services and they are always willing to help with whatever it takes to support the business, whether it’s helping us negotiate with our landlords or fixing a computer problem.  With retail Smart Guys, it’s not just a job for them – we have no doubt that they are as committed to our business as we are – they are part of the team and we can feel that every time we meet with them.”

- Josephine Pfeiffer, Owner Fleur De Lys

“Working with Retail Smart Guys is the best business decision we ever made. The open to buy strategies take the guess work and emotional element out of buying and help us fuel our business for growth.  We have seen significant results since bringing them in. The one thing I’ve always appreciated about Dan & Dave is that they understand that we are the business owners and our opinion counts. They present the numbers and strategies and back up all of their recommendations but they value our perspective and listen to our feedback. If there is something we feel strongly about, they will work with us to make it happen. It is truly a team effort. Since partnering with retail Smart Guys, running the business feels less scary.  Having Retail Smart Guys is like having a corporate office backing you up. No matter how tough things get, I’m never alone – I know I have a team of professionals guiding me.”

- Shannon Ritter, Owner, Fleur De Lys

“I will forever be indebted to my Management One™ affiliate, Samantha Jones. I was only expecting her to help with inventory levels. I just had no idea how she would change my life!! Samantha's personal retail experience, that she generously shares, has expanded my vision for new products and merchandising techniques. My new fashion lines of clothing and jewelry bring in new customers everyday.

She amazes me with her energy and personality and I'm inspired every time we talk. And she's always available when I have questions. Samantha is a gift that truly keeps on giving.”

- Libby Mabry, Fanatic Fanz

I have had the opportunity to work with Marc Weiss, Management One™ Owner and Chief Officer, for the past 18 months. We worked on the transition of Management One™ from an entrepreneurially managed business to a professionally managed company. My, how things have changed! Today, Management One™ has a new planning system, Retail Orbit®. Retail Orbit® is the future of merchandise planning. It is light-years ahead of other merchandise planning “efforts”. Today, Management One™ is professionally managed with the addition of top-level talent; such as Scott Smith, the company’s Director of Operations. One thing, however, has not changed. Marc and his management team always put the interests of their affiliates and their retail customers first. This is a level of customer commitment that one rarely sees today. I have no doubt that those who use Management One™ services will always be well served.
— Richard D. Furash
Retired Senior Principal and Global Consumer Products Director, Deloitte Consulting

“Samantha [Jones] has been completely integral to the significant growth our retail business has seen in the past two years. In fact, without her help and support, I don’t think we would have had the nerve to undertake the opening of our second store in New Orleans last year! She keeps us on point with our buying, both by helping us interpret the Management One™ reports and by sharing what she knows (as a retailer herself) about current trends. Samantha’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious; her positive and upbeat approach to business is inspirational to us.”

- Susan Davis, Grandmother’s Buttons, St. Francisville and New Orleans, LA

“ ‘Relentless,’ ‘forward thinker,’ ‘loyal,’ ‘empathetic,’ and of course … as ‘savvy’ as they come. These are all abundantly accurate words and expressions to describe Samantha Jones. No question but that Team Birmingham Bake & Cook Company is all the better for being her client. Actually … we just get to be grateful!

- Susan Green, Birmingham Bake & Cook Company

“I have worked with Samantha Jones for the past 12 months with Circle 7 business in Madison, Mississippi, and on all occasions have found her performance to be exemplary. Her responses to emails have been punctual and factual. Her demeanor has been positive, engaged and professional. The quality of her work has consistently exceeded expectations.”

- Respectfully, Thomas B Pace, MD

During this year my inventory has been a disaster.  I overbought in many different styles and sales also went down due to an economic recession.  This has brought me many financial difficulties.  A couple of months ago I got in touch with Dan, so he could help me bring my inventory in order.  We started working on the open to buy so I could buy the right styles for the right store at the right time.  I think, even though it’s been only a couple of months, I finally have things clear and by the end of this year I will have reduced my inventory by half without losing sales.  This is because I know exactly what and how much I have to buy.  Additionally there are other reports that help me organize my inventory by transferring from one location to the other where a certain kind of style are needed.  Another report will help me teach my sales people to focus on where they are doing good and where they are doing wrong.  This tool creates conscience for the people to take action where something is wrong and helps all the other stores when we learn from one store what has been done right.  I can say that I´m really happy to work with Dan.

- Uwe Guggenbuhl, Pony Store, Ecuador

“Working with Retail Smart Guys has been the most dramatic change in our retail organization in 10 years.  These guys care about your business as if it was their own.  They really bring meaning to all the number that any point of sale can capture and break it down so that business owners can thrive in this business.”

- Frankie Maduro, Owner, EBISA, Panama 

"Since 2003, I have been through ups and downs: the recession, managing employees, and budget issues.  From marketers to people promising to improve my business, I was left feeling broken by whom I could trust.  Then, in 2014, a clothing rep friend emailed me regarding Sarah King in consideration for business consulting.  With some hesitation, and after researching Management One™ online, I connected with Sarah King. Through a few phone meetings, I opened up about the headaches of the business.  After much thought, I decided to hire her.

We immediately got to work and we had a lot of work to do!  I was no longer willing to run my business like a hobby but instead, as a business striving to succeed and make money.  Sarah has been there for everything from employee issues, financial woes, and everything in between.  I now have a budget and open to buy plan every month.  Sarah genuinely wants my business to succeed and it shows!  She will continue to be a huge part of my business and I look forward to continued success with her in 2016 and beyond."

- Bridgette McDonald, Roka Boutique

"We’ve been using Management One services for over a year. Their projections are right on target for us and have helped us with greatly improving our inventory planning. We were always guessing at what to buy and what quantities to stock. With Management One™’s help, and specifically our affiliate Robert Buffo, we have a better handle on our business, with continued improvement every month. Robert is always there for us when we have a question and has made our relationship with Management One™ a successful and profitable one. His knowledge in the retail world makes him a great asset to Management One™ and Happy Dog Barkery."

- Beth Staley, Happy Dog Barkery

“Working with Retail Concepts [affiliates of Management One™] has been so helpful to me and my boutique. I have infinitely more control over my inventory and my numbers, and have become much more comfortable taking calculated risks to run my business. Not only does the team provide me with great strategies and recommendations to help me improve, it acts as an important sounding board to help me tackle the challenges of operating a retail business.”

- Ashley Rothwell, Apt. 202 Boutique

The value in our Management One™ is as clear as the requirement of having inventory in our retail business.  What do we get?  Objective guidelines by category in an easy-to-understand and consistent format.  Our consultant, Martin Bebout, is in constant contact and generously offers his expansive knowledge, contacts and guidance to improve the performance of our business.  As an owner, it is invaluable to have access to such powerful and eerily accurate information when we need it.

If you’re considering Management One™, move forward and don’t look back.

- Sabina and Joe Kupillas, Sabina’s Style

I just wanted to take a minute and say how pleased we are to have come on board with Management One™!! These economic times have been challenging for all of us, but with the support of your team especially Anne Garner we are having the best year on record since the economy sank. Anne has brought such insight to our business and has given our buyer Pat the freedom to go after what she believes in and guided us along the way. Leaving RMSA and joining your team was a difficult decision for my aunt and I but one we knew we needed to make and we couldn't be more pleased!! So thank you, thank you, thank you keep up the good work and if you ever need us to talk with anyone regarding Management One™ or Anne we would be HAPPY to do so.


- Liz Lennon, President of Danahy's, Buffalo, NY

"When we hit the recession in 2008, our women's clothing boutique, Penelope T, was 3 years old. Manne and I were terrified we would not be able to hang on, like so many others. We stopped buying inventory because we thought that was what we had to do to conserve our cash. At the time, we had no goals, no budgets, and truly just bought what we thought we should be buying. When we were just about to hit rock bottom, a friend told us she was working with Management One™; Jay Purkhiser was her consultant. Her exact words to us were, "I would rather have my electricity turned off than give up Jay." We were a very nervous to add the extra expense, but took a leap of faith and signed up with Management One and Jay. It has been over five years since we have been working with Management One and our business has been on the rise ever since. We have expanded to a second location and a web store. We could have never, ever done this without the guidance, knowledge, and experience passed on to us by Jay and Management One™. We are so lucky to have found a trusted business advisor, consultant, and someone to stand in our corner who truly cares about making our company as strong as it can possibly be. Now we understand exactly what our friend meant about the electricity all those years ago. We would be in a very different place today if we had not found Management One™!"

- Nickie Smith and Manne White, Owners, Penelope T Boutique


To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to thank the City of Tucson for the services of Management One™ and Neil Norton. We would also like to share a little with you about our experience.

We are Razorz Edge, a clothing store on 4th Ave. We have been open for one year. Neil has taken care of us since the very beginning. He has helped us develop class categories, analyze our inventory, and help us budget our spending per department. We truly believe he has been instrumental in the success we have had this past year. With the construction and closure of the underpass it is undeterminable how difficult it could have been our first year without his help and guidance. Other 4th Ave merchants have complained about 20% decrease in business since the closure. Neil has also taught us some industry terms and standards we were not aware of

We are truly grateful for this service the City has so graciously provided for us. We feel it a valuable tool that would help us stay afloat in these difficult times. We thank you in advance for the continuation of this service.


- Rachel Balls and Lauren Baker, Owners, Razorz Edge, Tucson, AZ

"Working with Nancy Axelrod and Management One™ has been life and business changing. When we first met with Management One™, I walked away feeling like I did not have a good handle on "the numbers" - some questions they asked we honestly did not have the answers to, or even the know how to go and get them, and then on top of that what to do with those numbers once we gathered them..... We are owner operators and know our business inside and out, yet this missing piece was haunting us, the roller coaster of ups and downs and finding ourselves in the same "slumps" year after year had us chasing our tails and wondering if we are growing....why isn't our bank account growing??? That's were Management One™ stepped in....They helped us gather the numbers, make sense of them, organize our info in the way we needed it and showed us what to gather monthly, what to watch, numbers, numbers, numbers - matched with the consulting help of Nancy Axelrod - it was GLORIOUS!!!! We saw "what was happening" in our business in numbers and in black and white. We now had tools and the RIGHT information to make informed decisions on inventory, bills, payroll, expenses, expansions....etc etc.... the list goes on and on!!! We feel like Management One™ is an unfair ADVANTAGE :) We use the tools and help that Management One™ and Nancy Axelrod have perfected and it helps us to make sound, good and profitable decisions for our business. The year before we used Management One™ our sales were 550,000 - first year with them (not a full year either) sales jumped to 760,000 and this year we are projected to do over a million- When I say it works .....it works..... if you follow the advice, the Open to Buy plan and stay focused and "informed" and working with your consultant- it is a tool you cannot afford not to use as a strategy in your business. I wish I would have joined with Management One™ years ago! It is the best business decision we have EVER made! The information and things you will learn give you a true sense of PEACE- that is priceless!! Having a one on one consultant is so amazing, Nancy helps us with budgets, looking at current lines, new lines, promotions, day to day things, how to make our staff more efficient.... the list goes on and on. When we talk with Nancy we feel like she is as invested in our growth and success as we are- and that's a great feeling! She simply helps us with EVERYTHING and if she is unsure or wants to give us even more direction/advice - she calls on her vast resources to get us the best advice and knowledge out there. Its like having a team of 200 people who are experts at so many different facets of business ready and happy to help you- little ole small business you :) You can't afford not to hire Management One™ period!"

- Jodi, Manager

Winning@Retail has been a very valuable tool to our business. It’s actually saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in buying mistakes.

- Lynn Carolei, Sublime Swim and Sunwear, St. Albert, Alberta

I have been working with Dan (Homan) at CRS for almost one year. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical of what he could do for me after having successfully run my business for 9 years without an inventory management system. I honestly can’t believe how much easier he has made budget planning and ordering for my team. The analytics provided have removed all the guess work out of this area of my business. I would highly recommend these services to new businesses and existing businesses alike.

- Jordana, Cravings, Saskatoon, SK

Management One™ really got me on track as to what was selling, getting my inventory under control and sticking to my budget.  Every monthly meeting is helpful and more importantly positive with the outlook of the store and what needs to be done.  They have helped me get profit out of my business even though when I started with them I had only had my store for 3 years.

- Karen Jacobs, Mountain Air Clothing, Jasper, Alberta

Management One™ & Canadian Retail Solutions has helped us increase our cash flow, focus on our top selling categories and increase our sales!

- Kristi Wozniak, Keylime Athletic Wear, Sherwood Park, AB

Canadian Retail Solutions  & Management One™ has been a tremendous asset to our business. CRS has helped us get to the next level by reducing inventory levels, increasing sales and, most importantly, increasing profitability. They have become an integral part of our team.

- Robyn, Cloud Nine Pajamas, Edmonton, Alberta

Management One™ has added an important new dynamic to our buying philosophy. By receiving extremely useful and timely information, our buying efforts are more targeted than ever before. Our consultant, Dan, is so passionate, patient, and insightful—a great influence on my team and me.

- Carrie Watson, Director of Purchasing, Backwoods Retail Inc., Austin, TX

Before Management One™, it was as though I was trying to find my way in the dark.  Through their insightful and personalized planning, I was able to manage my inventory much more effectively and give my business its best chance at success.  I would suggest that every retailer, regardless of their years in business or level of experience, incorporate their planning strategies into their own business.

- Brad Leyden, Revolution Boutique Inc., Sherwood Park, Alberta

We have had the privilege to work with Dan this past year. He is honest, knowledgeable, and to the point. (The decimal point!) Thank you Dan & Management One™!

- Jenine & Lindsay, Bella Maas Boutique, St Alberta & Sherwood Park, Alberta

Dear Gord and Jeff

I can’t believe that it has been a year and a half since we started using your invaluable service.

Given my strong need to ‘run my own show’, and having done so for 24 plus years, all the while growing my business but also growing a substantial inventory, I realized that my efforts weren’t enough to control the inventory levels.   Your guidance and advice has given me direction and guidance that has allowed us to plan and organize future buys and directions not only to strive for but to achieve.

We have always looked at our store in departments…Focus Retail has shown the need to delve even further into our analysis.  This information is enabling us to be more strategic, smarter in our Open To Buy planning, smarter, more timely in our seasonal sales and offer me some great thoughts on promotions and events!

We always have the ability to be flexible and make our own decisions, but information and input from Focus Retail has our business travelling in a very exciting and much more profitable direction.   I suppose my only regret would be that I wish I had started this much sooner…but it is never too late!  

Focus Retail works in partnership with our business and I would not hesitate in recommending their expertise, their professionalism, their guidance, to any entrepreneur.  Jeff and Gord and Focus Retail will enable you to be more profitable, make your business more enjoyable and let you have a “good night’s sleep”.

Thank you,

- Sandy Herle, President, Close to You Ltd., Parksville, BC, V9P 2G5

A client of John Adams since 1991“Working with John (Adams) and Management One™ was like a being on a train.  We were always looking for opportunities ahead and were the engine that made everything work well.”

- Phyllis Lanphier, Owner, Sigi’s

When approaching the thought of using a precise monthly OTB budget I was skeptical 15 months ago.  I am a 32 year veteran buyer/seller who used plenty of data but always had the feeling OTB plans would restrict me from running my business aggressively or offensively.  I could not have been more incorrect and narrow minded.

My comments are made in general terms as I suspect most trained individuals with a proven database could advise someone like me.  On the other hand, I have not met anyone with a better work ethic or integrity of purpose than John Adams.  Dennis (Levine) is not far behind.

1. Identify offensive classifications (buy) as well as defensive (sell) classifications and establish specific plans for each in windows of time small enough to have an influence on results

2. Improve cash flow by proper timing of deliveries

3. Improve all key metrics such as turnover, IMU, and gross margin return on investment by making specific changes in each class with regard to purchasing, merchandising and selling

4. None of the above can be accomplished without specific data and someone with the ability to interpret it.  John is an expert at reading statistics and interpreting the relationship between various numbers.  Dennis is too but perhaps not as quickly as John.

5. John and Dennis have the ability to reevaluate their suggestions based on our conversations monthly about the data.  Obviously some data needs a back story and these guys are able to rethink things on the spot and rework plans based on a moving target.

6. John is quite conversant in our Merchant Plus software platform from Smyth.  This makes an enormous difference in our ability to quickly look behind the data at the assortment level  

7. Both John and Dennis are patient, friendly, courteous, accountable, concerned, professional, and extremely hard working.  Case in point on December 4th a full 9 days prior to our scheduled December meeting date I met with both on a Sunday night for 2 hours.  All I had to do was ask.  We had 20% of our month in 3 days and I emailed John.  He called within 20 minutes and scheduled us immediately for the next day AT MY CONVENIENCE.  He was genuinely happy to do this for our benefit.  This convinced me he is less like a consultant and more like a partner.

8. I like to think of John and Dennis as trainers or coaches.  Those of us remaining in this business wouldn't be alive without some skill level.  Most of us work out regularly but by doing so with a trainer will clearly yield better results.  John and Dennis are my trainers.

9. Both have an appropriate sense of humor.  Reading stats all day is impossible without a few moments of laughter.

10. Real improvement.  I am a skeptic when it comes to consultants in the traditional sense.  These guys have guided us to new levels in all key metrics.  I could be the poster child for their marketing efforts.  I conservatively estimate an increase of $80,000.00 in gross margin dollars on 1.485 million in revenue as a result of their suggestions and their ability to communicate the steps for implementation.

My suggestion for anyone in the 800+ revenue bracket is to listen to these guys and allow them to help develop monthly plans of action.  I have become a believer and would never operate without the discipline a proper OTB plan offers.

Thanks for your assistance as the entire Management One™ team seems to conduct themselves similarly.

- Jay Filling, President, Filling's Men's & Women's Clothiers, Lancaster, PA

I had been in the retail business for over 20 years before I started working with Doug Hilficker at Management One™.  We had been profitable, but I wanted to improve our cash flow.  I had to check my ego, and let Doug show me how to take a good business and make it great.  Business is so much fun now, cash flow is good, and I can see our potential like never before!

- Bruce

“Since 2010, Alan has been an important part of our business.  The OTB merchandise plan has really helped me to better manage my inventory and increase our sales by over 50%.  In addition, he helped us to select a new POS system.  Also, his store layout suggestions were very helpful.”

- Daniel R. Hasselschwert, Ossies Surf Shop, Newport, OR

"We have been working with the Retail Consultants at CRS for a year and a half and it has improved the way we manage our business. Through their advice, and the assistance of the Management One™ system, we have increased our turnover, decreased the amount of inventory on hand, and looked at new ways to grow our business while decreasing overhead."

- Nikki Tilley, Tilley Vancouver

"YTD, my sales are up 9% with 33% less inventory & my KPIs have improved significantly.   I have spent next to nothing on marketing.  It is all due to Management One™ plans and my CRS coach. The investment in CRS was daunting at first, I am a micro-retailer with 600′. Even at my size, my inventory is working so much harder than it was without planning. Just over one year in, I tell everyone in retail (except my competitors), call Kirsten.  I think business owners who operate without an inventory planner are gambling with their money.

- Kathryn Choquer, Kate French Wear, Vancouver BC

I own a women’s boutique in Austin, TX. After about 18 months of opening my business, I found myself to be overbought and overwhelmed.  Thankfully this is when I found Martin Bebout with Management One™. The next 18 months Martin whipped my business into shape with a strategic buying plan, markdown schedules, and a healthy balance sheet. My business is on track with projected sales of which I never dreamed.

Not only is Martin amazing with numbers; he has personal experience owning a retail store. I have found him to be an invaluable resource for all things related to the business. I can call him to discuss issues with personnel, marketing ideas and overall vision for my store. What a gift he has been for my business! I highly recommend Martin Bebout and the Management One™ program.

- Maureen Staloch, RedBird Boutique

“She has helped us to determine exactly where we want to go with our business and how to get there with concrete game plans, numbers, and follow up. We no longer feel like we're just treading water but that we can actually get better results and enjoy the job more.”

“In just one short month Cathy has transformed how I look at my numbers. My business has been quite successful in sales growth but yet after 5 years not yet profitable. Cathy showed me how to change that. And oh by the way, I am a CPA by trade and could not imagine anyone could tell me things about numbers that I did not know. I was wrong! I look forward to every phone call!”

- A client of our Affiliate Cathy Donovan Wagner

As a Menswear Wholesaler with a well respected brand, we were excited when, in the fall of 2012, we launched North America’s first Strellson mono-brand store on Toronto’s prestigious Mink Mile. Within a few short months we realized that successful selling was only one piece of the puzzle.  If we were going to maintain our momentum and continue our growth while staying cash positive, we knew we had some serious work to do, and that we might need a little outside help.

We began working with Focus Retail and Management One™ in April of 2013.  Their ability to accurately forecast sales allowed us to consistently maximize our potential, without creating excess inventory or unnecessary markdowns.  Within the year, with the success of our flagship under our belt, we opened another two locations in the Toronto market.   Now, three years later, with the successful launch of our first Vancouver store, we are eagerly anticipating two more store openings this summer, in two of Canada’s finest shopping malls.

Gord Peters and Jeff Jankelow, our Management One™ affiliates, have proven to be important members of our team.  Each month during our meetings, they consistently show valuable incite and offer excellent, actionable advice on how to drive additional business, ensuring that we stay on track.

Our success has no doubt been a collective effort, the combination of excellent merchandise, talented, hard-working staff, reliable planning, and diligent execution. As we continue to grow, the numbers just keep getting bigger – which can be a bit daunting.  Yet, I find that Management One™ Merchandise Plans, and Gord and Jeff’s keen interpretation of them afford us the confidence to buy, sometimes up to eight months in advance, and the accountability to execute once the goods arrive.

To be competitive, we all need to take advantage of every opportunity available to us. I can tell you that I feel working with Management One™is a HUGE advantage.  Every retailer I know is constantly comparing their business to how they did last year.  If you want to be “better than last year”, I would highly recommend that you work with Focus Retail and Management One™.

- Mark Altow, President, Strellson, Canada

"David Wechsler is a retail consultant, but he is more like a coach, a cheerleader and a life saver. I have clients who absolutely swear by him. He knows the business inside and out, and can help with every operational facet, helping you become the most profitable in the quickest manner. He also takes the time to understand who each client really is, and works with their unique personalities, not against. Everyone who has David on their team seems to be much less stressed in the often overwhelming world of retail. He helps you create a plan, see the big picture, stick to it and reach your goals in a very real way."-

- Betsy Martin, Publisher, Denver Reign

 "I have been able to survive the recession and come out on the other side with the best margin and turn metrics we've ever had. David Wechsler's involvement feels like a partnership and I can't imagine navigating my inventory decisions without him. What he brings to the table is 'marrying my art with his science'. He lets me do the picking, but fills in the when and the how much. David has continuously enhanced our thinking including direct support for our point-of-sale system, in-depth historical financial analysis, and connecting us with other retailers to share marketing and outreach plans."

- Jessica Helson, Cleopatra LLC, dba Chelsea

 "After working with David Wechsler for over five years, I can see all the changes I have implemented in my business as a direct result of his advice and counsel. My business is in growth mode (three more stores), and I know, if I ever have a question or just need to share an insight, David is just a phone call away. He always gives me his full attention, and is extremely generous with his time. Not only do I love learning the intricate retail metrics from him, but I also trust him when discussing confidential details about my business. As a result, in my opinion, he is the complete package for anyone looking to get their business to the next level."

- Shana Colbin Dunn, Kismet

 "David Wechsler works hard to insure that our investment in inventory is actively managed to achieve the best return. He tells us exactly how much inventory to bring in and when to bring it in so that we can maximize our cash flow. We can see the improvement month to month, and it certainly makes our job less stressful when we go to market. As a bonus, David is very helpful with our management team and staff productivity. A pleasure to work with :-)"  

- J. Tafett, JM Gifts and Apparel

"David Wechsler came highly recommended to us because we are looking to get immediate breakthroughs in our business that would accelerate our profit goals. His specific insights and willingness to tell it like it is is both refreshing and needed. With David's guidance our management team is all on the same page and is being held accountable in implementing action items and molding our growth strategies."

- Hermann Li

"David Wechsler's professional help and advisory was instrumental in creating awareness of how important it was to closely monitor our buying to minimize risk and maximize opportunity for better margins. Further, to key in on our expenses to make sure they were in line every month. Working with him has been incredibly valuable."

- K. Reese

Martin Bebout with Management One™ has been a great asset to Young & Fabulous. He has provided expert advice on management style, allocation of merchandise purchases, and has provided real insight on how to proceed as a boutique. He is a pleasure to work with and is always accommodating. He has gone above and beyond being just a consultant. Martin is now not only a consultant for us, but has become a member of our family...

Thank you Martin....

- Young & Fabulous, Austin, TX