Celebrating 10 years!

Come join other independent retailers at the largest learning conference of its kind. It’s all about retail that’s relevant to you.

  • Get energized with strategies, tactics and tips that lead to success.
  • Hear creative ideas that will generate even more ideas.
  • You’ll leave with an action plan personalized for you and your store. That’s a terrific takeaway!

Management One™ is excited to, once again, be a part of the WhizBang! Retail Success Summit. Our own Dan Jablons and Paul Erickson will be speaking at a session each, on behalf of Management One.


“The Best Buyers Do These Five Things”

Presented by Dan Jablons

Buying combines art and science. And the best buyers tune into cues that they have all around them. Some intuitive, some data-driven, some right before their eyes. How they turn it all into strategy is the key to successful buying. From selecting the right vendors and collaborating with them, to analyzing and maximizing the data, and to showcasing the merchandise in their stores, each touch point requires a strategy. The best buyers put you in the best position for profitable selling. Dan delivers the details of the “Five Things” in his engaging way, and charges you up to take action.


“Six Essential Elements of a Winning Independent Retail Strategy”

Presented by Paul Erickson

The truth is, ecommerce is NOT killing brick-and-mortar retail. Physical retail is very much alive. 90% of consumers still want to shop in a store. But Amazon has become a catch-all excuse for all manner of retail ills. This is largely unjustified. There are many independent retail success stories and Paul uses examples and strategies from them, providing a thoughtful approach to winning retail differentiation. Taking these successful independent retailers’ differentiating factors, and putting them into a workable, comprehensible “Six Point Plan”, Paul gives you the tools you need to start emulating them immediately in your own store.


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