Better Cash Flow

It starts with cash flow. It ends with cash flow. Did we mention the importance of cash flow? Good cash flow is the lifeblood of every retailer.


Are you growing cash?

Growing profit should mean growing cash.

Does your financial statement say you are making money, but you have to borrow money to pay your taxes?

How long has it been since you paid off your current line of credit? Your credit cards?

Are you struggling to increase your margins?

Do you need to take markdowns to generate traffic, at the expense of your profit?

What should your expenses be as a percent of your volume for payroll, rent, credit card charges, advertising, marketing, and more?

What is a good number for the cost of goods sold?

What should your current assets to current liabilities ratio look like?

How do you compare to other stores like yours?

There are always vendor payables. Having trouble juggling vendor payables?

At the end of the year, is your cash on hand lower than your current vendor payables?

Do you need to purchase new inventory but you are cash-strapped, maybe because you have not sold off your existing stock?

How can you turn inventory into enough cash to pay expenses, purchase new inventory and operate your business?

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