Your business is unique

At Management One, we customize our approach, our recommendations, and our services to meet the specific needs of each customer.

As such, pricing for our services varies according to the size of your business, the complexity of your merchandise classes, and the goals you’re working to achieve.

During our initial consultation, which is free of charge or commitment, we provide detailed assessments of how we can help and what it may cost. This includes a no-nonsense estimate of what ROI you should expect in order to make us worth your while.

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What's your next level, and what do you need in order to reach it?

Hold us accountable

Retail planning works best when you have an expert in your corner, someone who works closely with you on implementation and holds you accountable. But accountability works both ways. We take all feedback seriously, and work together with our clients to make changes should they be necessary.

There are no contracts, no long-term commitments, and no penalties for discontinuing your relationship with Management One.

We’ve expanded to a second location and a web store. We never, ever could have done this without the guidance, knowledge, and experience passed on to us by Jay Purkhiser and Management One.
— Nickie Smith and Manne White, Penelope T Boutique, Tampa, FL

Better than your best vendor

Our business depends on retailers like you being thrilled to work with us. Your return on investing in us should exceed what you get from your best vendor by multiples, not a few percentage points.

We haven’t survived for over three decades by simply providing outstanding service. We thrive by providing consistent, concrete results. And while good vendors come and go, Management One delivers results every day, every month, and every season.

I’m a skeptic when it comes to consultants in the traditional sense, but these guys have guided us to new levels in all key metrics. I conservatively estimate an increase 5% in gross margin dollars as a result of their suggestions and their guidance for implementation.
— Jay Filling, Filling's Men's & Women's Clothiers, Lancaster, PA