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See where you’ve been. Understand where you are. Be proactive about where you’re going. With our next-generation retail planning software, the future of your business is bright.

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Gain a big data advantage

For years, online retailers have been edging out competitors by using big data to predict what their customers want, what they’re willing to pay, and when they’re ready to buy.

We’ve invested more than any other company of our kind in using artificial intelligence and machine learning to give this same big data advantage to independent specialty retailers for the first time.


Platform features

With POS-integration, on-demand reporting, and intuitive visualizations, the Retail ORBIT predictive analytics platform is a hub for indispensable information about your business.

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Retail metrics done right
Performs hundreds of standard and custom retail analytics, measuring your success against all KPIs

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Trend spotting
Scours an international database for emerging opportunities, so your business can benefit from big data

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Above-and-beyond support
Features dedicated US-based customer support, 7 days a week

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Suitable for single store, multi-store, and chain store reporting

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Securely works in any browser, on any device browser on any computer or mobile device

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Easy onboarding
Integrates with most major POS systems, and features an API that supports easy uploading of your store’s data


Built by retailers, for retailers

Retail ORBIT harnesses the predictive power of 30 years’ worth of real store data. But big data is only useful when you know the right questions to ask, how to ask them, and what to do with the answers.

Three decades of proven retail experience have taught us the right questions to ask. Our seasoned developers know how to ask them. Retail ORBIT puts the answers into your hands, and retail experts help you use them to reach new levels of success.

As the largest Canadian retail solution provider, I’m approached by everyone on every kind of platform. Because of my confidence in Management One’s product, those conversations never get past a no thank you. Management One’s dedication to advancement keeps me tight.
— Dan Holman, Director of Retail Planning, Canadian Retail Solutions


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