About us

Management One delivers data-driven planning via passionate retail experts. We help business owners all over the world reach new levels of success.


Our core values

Empathy and generosity are at the center of all we do. This is critical to maintaining a culture of care and responsibility, but it’s also a strategic necessity. No client will value what we know until they understand how much we care.

We earn trust by showing results. We show results by having the courage to say what needs to be said, not what others want to hear. We focus this courage inward, as well, by asking tough questions, holding ourselves accountable, and being honest about our strengths and limitations.

Our desire for knowledge empowers us to see solutions where others see intractable problems. We’re in the business of giving people answers, and the only way to get those answers is by continuing to ask the right questions. 

Courage and curiosity guide us in asking Why? Adaptability demands that we ask What next? By listening to our clients—and each other—we create a roadmap for continuous evolution, and make necessary changes deliberately, systematically, and with purpose.

Clients view us as partners only when they see that we’re just as committed to their success as they are. Like them, we must put passion over paycheck, maintain loyalty to ourselves and others, and always seek opportunity in adversity.

Collaboration is how we put our values into action. We leave our egos at the door so that we are open to learning and improving. We spot and support the right decisions, even when they aren’t our own. When we disagree, we do so with clarity, compassion, and a true belief that the only win worth getting is a win all can share.


"Onwards and upwards"

Our motto describes our philosophy of collaborative exploration and success. We believe that our clients, our retail experts, and our employees thrive when we all seek to learn, grow, and evolve together.

This culture of sharing is at the heart of our philosophy, and has been for 28 years.


Our core team


We know your niche

We know retail, across a wide spectrum of verticals and categories. Management One consults and provides planning for many different types of businesses.

Our portfolio includes:

Women’s fashion
Luxury, advanced contemporary, contemporary, traditional and fast fashion

Men’s fashion
Luxury, contemporary, formalwear, urban and traditional

Apparel, toys, footwear

Family, running, performance, women’s and men’s Luxury to contemporary

Recreational, cycling, ski and snow boarding, surf and skate

Seasonal stores
Major resort locations in the Western Hemisphere

Licensed stores
Major brands that are mono brand stores

From books and luggage to treats

Home furnishings
Everything for the home from tabletop and serveware to wall art and galleries.

Nutritional, new age & spa

Kitchen & cooking
Gourmet food, candy

Adult stores

Gardening and nurseries



Pet stores

Quilt & needlepoint

Museums & attractions

Verticals and major brands