In retail, there's always a next level

With Management One’s proven inventory planning, passionate retail experts, and world-class platform, reaching it is easier than you think.

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Plan for success

You’re the beating heart of your business, but your inventory is its lifeblood. Accurately predict how much merchandise you need, in which classes, and when, and you’ll be empowered to control spending, stay out of debt, and invest in the growth of your business.

Sound simple? With Management One, it can be.


Look into the future of your business

Inventory planning—sometimes called open-to-buy—uses basic math to reveal how much inventory you need to meet demand. The fundamentals are simple, but accurate planning requires accurate projections, and predicting the future is no simple thing.

Our predictive algorithms are built on thirty years of real store data. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, we’ve created customized inventory plans that are 94% accurate, when followed correctly.


What's your next level?

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Launch with confidence

Build the right foundation for your new business

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Take control

Get ahead of payables and out of debt

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Take your business further

Increase your margins, take advantage of new opportunities, and turn more profit into cash

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Don’t just hire a planner. Hire an expert.

We deliver our inventory planning through passionate, experienced retail experts who are on call whenever—and however—you need them to be.

From first point of contact through years of collaborative partnership, our experts provide the training, support, and accountability you need to turn data-driven insights into record-breaking sales.

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With Management One, the limiting factor on where I can take my business isn’t capital, or merchandise, or anything like that. It’s skill set. It’s just down to us and what we can do.
— John Hambleton, Islanders Outfitter, Fort Walton Beach, FL
The value in our relationship with Management One is as clear as the requirement of having inventory. If you’re considering Management One, move forward and don’t look back.
— Sabina and Joe Kupillas, Sabina’s Style, Portland, Oregon
Our experience has been amazing! Management One’s information drives improvement in sales, margin, and inventory turns. We can clearly see what’s working and what isn’t, and easily figure out what to do about it.
— Mark Wells, Tommy’s, Golden, CO; Clermont, FL; Comstock and Wallon Lake, MI

Put your data to work

Our intuitive web-based platform, Retail ORBIT®, puts the power of our plan directly into your hands.

With POS-integration, real-time reporting, and reliable analytics, Retail ORBIT gives you the transparency and confidence you need to stick to the plan that will work for you.