“With Management One, the limiting factor on where I can take my business isn’t capital, or merchandise, or anything like that. It’s skill set. It’s just down to us and what we can do.”
— John Hambleton, Islanders Outfitter, Fort Walton Beach, FL

“The value in our relationship with Management One is as clear as the requirement of having inventory. If you’re considering Management One, move forward and don’t look back.”
— Sabina and Joe Kupillas, Sabina’s Style, Portland, OR

“Our experience working with Management One has been amazing! Their information drives improvement in sales, margin and inventory turns. We have four retail locations with many categories, and now we can clearly see what’s working and what isn’t, and easily figure out what to do about it.”

—Mark Wells, Tommy’s Slalom Shop, Golden, CO; Clermont, FL; Comstock and Wallon Lake, MI

“Before Management One, it was as though I was trying to find my way in the dark. Through Dan Holman's insightful and personalized planning, I was able to manage my inventory and give my business its best chance at success. I would suggest that every retailer, regardless of their experience, incorporate Management One’s planning strategies into their own business.”
— Brad Leyden, Revolution Boutique Inc., Sherwood Park, Alberta


”When I opened my store 8 years ago, there was no way that I could've done it as quickly and efficiently as I did without the help of Margo Kopman and Management One. The work it takes to do it all on my own would take away vital time from other areas of the business that need my attention.”
— Sarah Garlich, owner, Cha Boutique, St. Louis, MO

“As someone that has never opened or operated a retail store before, I can honestly say that I would not have been able to do so without the help and expertise of Management One, and specifically Natalie Woods. Her counsel and insight have been invaluable, and it’s been amazing to have some emotional support during this wild adventure. The ROI on my investment in Management One has exceeded my expectations...and my business is not even open yet!
— Genny Konz, Genevieve Boutique, Chicago, IL

“18 months after opening my business, I found myself overbought and overwhelmed. Then I found Martin Bebout and Management One. Now my business is on track, with projected sales of which I never dreamed.”

— Maureen Staloch, RedBird Boutique, Austin, TX

“Our first year of business was encouraging, with just over $200,000 in sales. After three years of guidance from Management One and our consultant, Anne Garner, we passed $500,000 in sales with an increase in our gross profit margin of 20%.  Management One gave us the tools to invest our money in goods that created the optimum return on investment, doubling our business. "
—Tonda H. DiPasquale, Tish Boutique, West Chester, PA


“Our business was in a very vulnerable place when we found Anne Garner and Management One.  The help they’ve given us is unbelievable! They say it takes a village, and we now have that village at our fingertips, through ongoing support and quality information!
— Liz Lennon, Danahy’s, Buffalo NY

“I wish we would have had Management One and our experts, Dan Jablons and Dave Leib, when we started our business. We made some expensive mistakes that they would have helped us avoid.”
— Josephine Pfeiffer, Owner Fleur De Lys, Costa Mesa, CA

“During such stressful few months at the store, it’s been really nice to be able to count on Shawn Dillon at Management One when I needed the help. He went above and beyond to get the job done!”
— Martine Lyon, Claymore Shop, Birmingham, MI

“Four years after I started my women's boutique, I realized I needed help if I didn’t want to close my shop. Management One put me in contact with Natalie Woods, and since then, it's been a match made in heaven. Natalie is like that best friend that everyone wants, but very few have. She's available whenever you need help, she always has your best interests at heart, but isn't afraid to tell you exactly like it is. This May, I was able to open a second location. I would highly recommend Management One and Natalie to anyone who wants a successful business but is overwhelmed and unsure about how to setup and execute a successful open-to-buy system.”
—Jennifer L. Dutkowsky, Why Not Boutique, Tampa, FL

“We were always guessing at what to buy and what quantities to stock. With Management One and our affiliate Robert Buffo, we have a better handle on our business, with continued improvement every month.”

— Beth Staley, Happy Dog Barkery, Downers Grove, IL

“Natalie Woods with Management One eases our concerns and helps us fine-tune a plan so our business has the trajectory we’ve always imagined.  It has been such a breath of fresh air to have an ally in an industry that at times can feel very solitary. Management One gives us the opportunity to grow and enhance our business, while still providing everything that makes our store special.”
— Alex and Cari Jo Robertson, Favorite Sisters' Boutique, Shreveport LA  

“In just a year’s time our sales have increased 34%. Having Natalie’s knowledge and expertise takes the guess work out of ordering. We no longer purchase items aimlessly, or hold on to stock that isn’t profitable.  Besides her sage advice and professional guidance, she is incredible easy to work with and feels more like a close than hired consultant. We love Natalie and are forever grateful!”
—Jessica Moler and Nicole Lobdell, Hand And Land, Leawood, KS


“It has been over five years since we started working with Management One, and our business has been on the rise ever since. We have expanded to a second location and a web store. We could have never, ever done this without the guidance, knowledge, and experience passed on to us by Jay Purkisher and Management One."
— Nickie Smith and Manne White, Owners, Tampa and Jacksonville, FL

"Thanks to Dave Wechsler, I have been able to survive the recession and come out on the other side with the best margin and turn metrics we've ever had."
— Jessica Helson, Cleopatra LLC, dba Chelsea

“Margo Kopman and Management One literally changed our business overnight. We went from buying on emotion to buying on math, which translates to dollars. I finally feel like there is a roadmap,  and we’re operating with clear answers and strategies, which is obviously much smarter and more fiscally responsible. Plus, she makes it a lot of fun. Our weekly calls are the highlight of my week.”

—Winnie Beattie, Warm, New York, NY

“Margo Kopman is a key member of our team. Her many years of retail experience and her true love of the fashion industry make her a trusted advisor. Mixology Clothing Company would not be the same without her.”
—Jordan Edwards, CEO, Mixology Clothing Company, New York, NY

“Martin Bebout and Management One have effectively helped to manage my inventory and increase my margins. I trust their feedback and use their suggestions to navigate my buy and to maintain a healthy cash flow. I highly recommend Martin and Management One to any retailer.”
—Wendi Martin, Kick Pleat, Austin & Houston, TX

“For the first time in our 20-year history, we outsourced our OTB planning to Robert Reedy and Allison Boswell. The results speak for themselves: our 2014 margin went up over 2%. Then in 2015, the Management One process really came into its own, since they had a full year of history with us in their database. 2015 saw an increase in margin of an additional 3%. Our margin dollars for 2015 increased even though our top-line sales dropped.”
— Kieran & Donna O’Leary, Ambiance, San Francisco, CA

“I’m a 32-year veteran buyer/seller who used plenty of data but always had the feeling open-to-buy plans would restrict me from running my business aggressively. After working with John Adams and Dennis Levine, I realize I could not have been more incorrect and narrow minded. Listen to these guys.”

— Jay Filling, Filling's Men's & Women's Clothiers, Lancaster, PA

“We have been in business for over 40 years and we saw significant growth in sales and profit within the first year of working with Management One affiliate Martin Bebout, regularly setting new records for our business.”
—Eric Murfitt, Mercantile Portland, Portland, OR

“Working with Doug Hilficker has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Doug works with me to base my decisions on facts, using the detail from sales and planning to grow my business and profitability. Having someone working alongside you who is examining the numbers, while I am buying, selling and merchandising, is a partnership I greatly value.”
—Sarah Scott, Valentina, Winnetka, IL

“When I started with Management One, I was unsure if the service was needed. I couldn't have been more wrong. I have worked with Doug Hilficker for several years now, and he’s really become an instrumental part of my business—and a friend. Doug started where I was at, and didn't make me feel uneducated for not understanding all the numbers. He demonstrates the utmost professionalism, as well as upbeat and positive attitude.”
—Natalie Galligan, Shoo Shoo Baby, Bloomington, IL.


“I’m approached by everyone on every kind of retail planning platform. Because of my confidence in Management One’s product, those conversations never get past a no thank you. Their dedication to advancement keeps me tight.”
— Dan Holman, Director of Retail Planning, Canadian Retail Solutions

“Retail Orbit® is the future of merchandise planning. It is light-years ahead of other merchandise planning efforts. Today, Management One is professionally managed with the addition of top-level talent, there is a level of customer commitment that one rarely sees today. I have no doubt that those who use Management One services will always be well served.”
— Richard D. Furash, Former Senior Principal and Global Consumer Products Director, Deloitte Consulting

“Working with Dan Jablons and Dave Leib has been the most dramatic change in our retail organization in 10 years. These guys care about your business as if it was their own. They really bring meaning to all the number that any point of sale can capture, and break it down so that business owners can thrive in this business.”
—Frankie Maduro, EBISA, Panama City, Panama

“Dan Jablons has been our open-to-buy mentor. By following his suggestions, our company has saved thousands of dollars through timely and appropriate inventory spending. As Dan keeps reminding us, we can't sell empty hangers.”

— John G. Warner, New Threads, Corte Madera, CA

“Understanding our inventory and being able to really manage it intricately shifted our cash flow immensely...Working with the Dan Jablons, Dave Leib, and Management One was probably the best decision of all. Now our buyers use intuition and data to make buying decisions. ”
— Karin Olsen, Radiance Herbs,Olympia, WA

“I call Dan Jablons and Dave Leib my silent business partners. I have access to their expertise not only during our monthly meeting, but as issues and ideas come up. Their experience and kind way of communicating have been immensely helpful.”
— Kelly Epstein, Kingfisher Road, Woodland Hills, CA

“Dan Jablons and Management One have helped us to control our inventory using an open-to-buy system, and we look forward to reviewing the plan with Dan every month. He’s fun to work with and very knowledgeable. It has definitely helped to maximize our sales and we really depend on him now.”
— Becky Erickson, Blue Ginger, Kahului, HI

“Retail Smart Guys (Dan Jablons and Dave Leib) affected immediate positive change by setting up an open-to-buy and inventory planning process that greatly assists with sales forecasting and cash flow planning. We revisit all these processes and procedures on a monthly basis, and I could not be more satisfied with the personal attention from this dynamic team.”
— Mike Higgins, Vice President Passport Resorts (Post Ranch Inn), Big Sur, CA


“After being in business for almost 20 years, I had a strong desire to take it to the next level, but wasn’t sure how. After an introductory meeting, I committed to working with Gord Peters and Management One. Our monthly meetings are invaluable, and we’ve developed a deeper sense of what’s driving our business while increasing our profits. With Gord by our side, we have the right information, the right goals, and a plan that makes us excited to get up and go to work.”
—Liz Grimes, Cathy Allan Ladieswear, Ontario, Canada

“We were operating for 4 years with strong sales and growth, but we struggled to achieve the kind of profitability we were looking for. During the last year, Gord Peters and Management One have helped us bring our purchases in line with where we need to be, which has helped us reach our goals. I honestly don’t know how we worked without Gord Peters and the Management One system before!”
—Laurence Slavin, SlavinRaphael Agency/Distribution Inc.

“After 20 years of doing it on our own, we were uncomfortable with the idea of having someone we didn’t know guide us in managing our business. Still, after listening to Gord Peters’s ideas, it was clear that teaming up with him and Management One was what we needed to do. In the past 18 months, we’ve come to realize that what we always thought wouldn’t work for “us” actually does. Gord and Management One allow us to take a step back and look at our business in a new, innovative, and cost effective way. Most significantly, by focusing on our open-to-buy, our inventory has never been better!”
—Colleen and Jason Grasby, Grasby’s Menswear, Surrey, British Columbia

“The expertise and direction provided by Gord Peters and Management One has driven increases above 30% every year. They strive for a real partnership, providing deep understanding of what’s best for our business and our customers. I’ve been challenged and questioned, but never felt like my opinion was not heard or respected. Having M1 on our team is truly one of the best decisions we’ve ever made!”

—Shelly Gaddis, Elegant Mommy, Sioux Falls, SD

“Management One has transformed our business! After running our retail stores for many years and having the constant concern of cash flow, we needed to find a better way. Management One provided that way. Our business has truly reached the next level of success and continues to grow. We have found a lifelong  partner in our consultant and the Retail Orbit  program that our team of buyers, management, and staff have embraced as their own.”
—Dave Carlson, Unlimited Skate and Snow, Banff & Canmore, Alberta, Canada