Retail ORBIT® is a secure, instant access, cloud-based hub of critical information for your business. Get acquainted now.

Retail ORBIT® gives your business: 

  • On demand reporting
  • Dashboards: apps style, on multiple platforms
  • Single store, multi store and chain store reporting
  • Dynamic cash flow planning tool
  • Interactive planning that is both bottom up and allows for management guidance
  • Break Even analysis for improved expense management
  • Retail Experts to convert information into action plans
  • Highly trained planners that review and implement guidance from Retail Experts    and clients
  • Seamless integration with most POS companies
  • Enormous international database that spots trends
  • Logic that builds growth and seizes opportunities
  • Educational resource

Built upon:

  • 28 years of accurately and successfully planning over 40 billion dollars of retail inventory
  • 2,000 years of retail experience.

Supported by:

  • Direct support whenever you need, 7 days a week
  • Online chat available during business hours

Retail ORBIT® is:

  • Always evolving to meet your retail needs
  • Exclusive to Management One™

Find out how Retail ORBIT® can revolutionize your business.