Do you own your business, or does it own you?

Are you behind on payables? Do you feel stuck with stagnant merchandise? Does every new bill that hits your inbox makes you want to drop your computer in the toilet?

If so, it’s time to get back to basics and reboot your business with good inventory planning and expert advice from Management One.


Plan with passion

To achieve real financial security, you need to invest in the future by accurately projecting sales and allocating spends. Management One helps you do both, so you can increase margins and cash flow, shrink debt, and make retail fun again.

Soon enough, you won’t be asking yourself how you’re going to meet all your commitments. You’ll be making new ones.

Our business was in a very vulnerable place when we found Anne Garner and Management One. The help they’ve given us is unbelievable! They say it takes a village, and we now have that village at our fingertips, through ongoing support and quality information.
— Liz Lennon, Danahy’s, Buffalo NY

Partner for success

Other retail consultants give you a plan and periodic check-ins. At Management One, we believe that no retailer can reach their full potential without objective advice, spot-on coaching, and consistent accountability.

That’s why we partner with highly-trained retail experts who are just as passionate about retail as you are. They’ll be by your side however—and whenever—you need them to be.

Natalie Woods with Management One eases our concerns and helps us fine-tune a plan so that our business has the trajectory we’ve always imagined. It has been such a breath of fresh air to have an ally in an industry that at times can feel very solitary.
— Alex and Cari Jo Robertson, Favorite Sisters' Boutique, Shreveport LA

Put your data to work

Get a taste of success, and you’ll be anxious for more. That’s when the power of Retail ORBIT®, our web-based predictive analytics platform, really kicks in. POS-integration and intuitive visualizations make it easy to track your progress and optimize your plan.

Don’t let the stress of everyday operations keep you earthbound. With Retail ORBIT you’ll be high above your business, getting a clear view of where you’ve been and where you’re going.



Take the first step today

Free of charge or commitment, a Management One retail expert will do a deep dive into your store’s history, listen to your concerns, and show you a path to breakeven and beyond.

If you choose to move forward, we’ll integrate with your POS system, work with you to create classes of merchandise—the building blocks of any good plan—and present a month-to-month action-plan that’s tailored to your needs and goals.

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