Juanita Margetts

Juanita Margetts

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Juanita joins the RETAILMavens team with over 30 years of successful customer sales and sales management experience in the securities and fiber/crafting industry. Two very different fields with much in common – people, numbers, and dreams!

Having worked closely with shop owners, vendors and customers, she understands the dynamics.  An information gatherer at heart, she loves a good TED talk and a good read. Juanita loves to help people make and save money!  

RETAILMavens programs and services have a proven track record. They take the guesswork out and put a plan in place! More Profit+More Sleep=Sweet Dreams!

Juanita lives in a western suburb of Chicago with her practically perfect husband (alas a Sox Fan!), her amazing daughter who makes her proud every single day, and her 12lb. dog, Kipper who was a German Shepherd in another life!